The island of Lanzarote, the oldest on the Canarian Archipelago, is situated about 100 kilometres from the continent of Africa.

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Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, we are on the island of Lanzarote, the oldest island on the Canarian Archipelago, situated about 100 kilometres from the continent of Africa.
Precisely because of its geographical position, we enjoy a warm climate on the island, with pleasant temperatures practically the whole year long, for which the Canary Islands are also known as “Las Afortunadas”, the “Lucky Islands”.

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The island of Lanzarote is the product of the eruption process in the last millenia, which formed the typical volcanic landscapes which combine with more fertile and productive land areas for agriculture.

Villa el Jable Lanzarote, holiday home and Bed and Breakfast, is a rural house that respects the local environment and is inspired by the traditional architecture of Lanzarote: constructed on one floor with facades of similar elements, using the colours white and brown, facing south to protect it from the wind and the sun, it has a central patio; and also an ‘aljibe’, a traditional water tank.

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Our town is situated in the nature reserve from which it receives its name: El Jable (a name which comes from the French word ‘sable’, which means sand); a geographically flat area which makes easy the movement of yellow sand from the west to the east, pushed by the prevailing winds, the trade winds, creating a coastline of beaches, and stretches of sand and reefs, which protect the coast.
Due to these geological characteristics, a mix of malpais (bad land) and sand, this zone has always been a fertile place of good agriculture (sweet potatoes, pumpkins, watermelons): in which can be found native plants such as tunera which attracts the cochineal beetle (used in dyes, cosmetics and food preparation for centuries), the barilla (useful for the production of soap), and orchila (a lichen from which is obtained a purple dye), etc.

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A great scenic and cultural treasure less than 15 minutes by car from our holiday home and Bed and Breakfast in Lanzarote.

In the vicinity of our house we can enjoy different points of interest on the island of Lanzarote of great scenic and cultural value, all less than 15 minutes by car.
The sports complex La Santa offers a healthy environment and entertainment related to the world of sports and the sea. The environment itself gives us the possibility of hiking and walks in direct contact with nature in its purest state.
The town of Famara, with its imposing cliff and a beach about 5 kilometres long, gives us the opportunity to practice water sports or enjoy good local fish.
Views to the Chinijo Archipelago, a group of islets that contribute to the environment an air of mystery and fantasy. The Parque Natural de los Volcanes or the Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, are both products of the eruptions that occurred during the years 1730 and 1736. As a result of these eruptions, we also have a unique way in the world to grow vines: la Geria.

More than 200 kilometres of coast, wonderful beaches and headlands with amazing views.

Lanzarote is surrounded by wonderful beaches, some of black sand, others of fine white sand, and for the lovers of rocks there are many cliffs where you can spend time in total solitude.
The closest beach to our Bed and Breakfast is only 6 km away, Famara beach, one of the most famous on the island because of its imposing cliffs, its beauty, and its views of the Chinijo Archipelago.

In the north of the island near to Orzola we advise you to visit Los Caletones, marvellous coves of white sand to pass a day far from the world, from here there are views of the islands of Alegranza.

In the centre of the island, about 20 km away in the town of Puerto del Carmen, the Playa Grande stands out, more than 1 km of volcanic sand, and also Playa Chica near the tourist centre Fariones.

In the south of the island about 25 km from our holiday home, near the town of Playa Blanca, we recommend you visit Playa de Papagayo, a paradise of golden sand and crystal waters, and in the centre of the town, although it is more touristy, Playa Dorada.

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En los viajes la cultura se nos brinda de una manera fácil y natural, pero hay un fenómeno que tenemos la obligación de difundir que es sencillamente enseñar a ver.

Los viajes nos enseñan a respetar y admirar las maravillas del planeta.

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